About Me

Hello, my name is Daniel and I do dev. It all started when I was 8 or 9 and I wanted to learn how computers work an how websites and apps were made so I learned to program. I was amazed by computers and when I first saw my dad use a computer and copy and paste I thought it was actual magic. The first language I learned was HTML. To be honest, HTML was the worst language to learn if you are a beginner. My brother started learning html before and I only knew that because on my chromebook there was this app called notepad and I learned that if you put the extension .html to it you could view HTML. I told my brother this and he did it and I didn't know it knew HTML at all. After HTML I learned Python. My brother followed my to learn python too and now I am still better at my brother at Python and HTML. I learned like 5 other languages after Python. I learned C#, C++,Java, Javascript, Css, etc. If you asked me anything from any of thus languages except from javascript and css I probably wouldn't know. I know how to print to the console in like 20 languages.